Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The next step

Painting is finished on this purse.  Now I have to put sealer on it, attach hinges, clasp, strap hanger and leather strap.  Then I have to let my customer know she can pick up her new purse!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today's Project

This is the project I am working on today for a client.  This will become a gourd purse with a white clematis on it and will look similar to the image in my profile.  I'll post more pictures as I get farther along.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

After the Show

I had a wonderful time attending the Boynton Woman's Club show and luncheon.  The women were really nice and easy to work with.  When they introduced the judges I was very definitely the lowest person on the totem pole.  The women really liked my purse since they passed it around while I was doing judging and I have a sale already.  The other judges have all studied in prestigious places and been given awards.  One of the photographers has had two pictures considered for Pulliter Prizes.  Thankfully, he was really nice and down to earth.  Well, I am off to start getting some new items ready to add to my website, as well as for the upcoming Delray Affair in April.  Pictures will be forthcoming, hopefully tomorrow.

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Make it a great day and do something creative!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Off to Judge

I am heading to the Boynton Women's Club in Boynton Beach, FL to judge their arts and crafts show today.  I am a little nervous since I have never done this before and don't really know what to expect.  I think it will be a lot of fun and hope that I don't embarrass myself.  Luckily, I have done a lot of reading, as well as checking out other booths when I go to my own shows and have an idea what goes into most areas to have a finished product.  Wish me luck!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Initial Thoughts

Thank you for coming to my blog. I am new to this and will get better as I go along. For now, I am an artist that mainly works with gourds and acrylics. I have recently finished the picture at left. I think it came out fairly well. I am not really used to working on a canvas and so will have to work on my backgrounds. It is different working on a flat surface as opposed to the round shape of a gourd. Each surface has some kind of quirk that has to be worked through.