Monday, October 18, 2010

Chocolate Overload!!!

B - Hershey Kiss ---- Bingo!
A little higher, higher ... Got it!

I can even eat the bowls???  Yum!
My daughter had twelve of her friends over for her Chocolate Birthday Party Saturday!  What was I thinking :)  That many twelve year old girls and chocolate and games makes for a lot of noise.  Thankfully, my hubby and son were elsewhere for the party.  Their ears would have needed a break by the end.  We played chocolate bingo, relay races, feeding your partner chocolate bars off of fishing pole over your head (EXTREMELY FUNNY) and then they decided it was time to run around outside and organize the obligatory dance competition.  Good call.  On top of all that we had several kinds of chocolate candy,  cookies with chocolate, tried to have a chocolate fountain but it didn't work so dipped fruit in the chocolate instead, chocolate flower cups with cake -- way too much chocolate.  I think I heard a couple of girls say they didn't want to see any more chocolate for a long time.  Of course, with Halloween around the corner that won't last.

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