Monday, October 4, 2010

Marching Band Props

Happy Monday Morning!  So far it has been a good one.  Last week I thought I would get to do some painting on some new items.  I got do a little, but most of the week was spent helping sort out one band fundraiser and then painting props for another band.  Thank goodness I only have two children. 
Here is a picture of the boat we worked on last week for the first competition of the season. The band's theme is Pocohontas.  Of course, now the band director would like more color.  Up close you don't realize how dark the boat is, but across the field it gets lost.  I guess I'll be doing some more painting this week since Park Vista is hosting their own competition this weekend and will be using the boat again.  Lighter colors this time.  The art club  painted the teepees for the band  --

Thanks to everyone that checked out my giveaway last week.  The winner will be picked next Monday so please pass it along.

I hope you get to do something creative today!

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