Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Will You Teach The Next Generation about Creativity?

Another post in one week is not usual for me.  However, I was reading Tara's blog and she posed the question about what will you teach the next generation about creativity and I felt compelled to play along.  I have two children, one fifteen-year-old son and one twelve year old daughter.  Each is creative in their own way.  My son is a perfectionist and has trouble letting go so my teaching for him has been that being perfect is not what counts.  It is the process and enjoyment of being creative that counts.  He has found ways to channel his creativity in his music  and in drawing for himself and I find that amazing.  My daughter is more artistic in everything she does and I encourage her to use it as her release and do what makes her heart sing.   I will find her working away and her sense of perspective encourages  me to be more creative so the teaching goes both ways.  I also get to work with our Girl Scout group of 8 twelve year olds and being able to see them be creative in their own ways always blows me away.  I try to encourage each of them to find what works for them and to know that it doesn't matter what they create or what the person next to them does, it is that they enjoy it and allow themselves to be unique and true to their own hearts. 

As Tara asked, what will you teach the next generation about creativity?

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