Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Girl Effect

I have been inspired by Tara Gentile from Scoutie Girl to again post.  She is encouraging us to blog about the girl effect and I want to share something my daughter and her friends did this weekend.  My daughter is twelve and along with seven of her friends that range from 8 to 14 made a rope of silly bandz to set a new world record.  They made a rope that was officially counted at 16,177 bands.  It went from one end of our local mall to the other and back.  Not only that, they incorporated it into a fundraiser for their friend who is battling leukemia for the fourth time and has just recently undergone her second bone marrow transplant.  It was awesome to see them go to the local businesses and ask for their help for their friend, as well as letting everyone know with their fliers all around our local neighborhoods.  My neighbor spearheaded the event with the girls and showed them how to use their voices as strong young women to make a difference in their community.  I can't say I would have had the courage to do something of this kind at their age, but I sure am proud of them for doing it all.  They named the event Rope For Hope  and have so far raised almost $5000 with more coming in and once I get a picture I will post it. 

We have to remember that there are a lot of times our daughters are able to dream big and it is up to us to help them and guide along their own journey to be their best.

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