Sunday, July 17, 2011

My 7/15 and 7/16/11 Drawings

Okay, here are Friday's and Saturday's drawings.  The tower reminds me of some of the church towers we recently saw in Germay.  It will eventually get a church to hold it up.  The hand is supposed to be my hand.  I have not done very many hands, but I think it is not a bad first try.   Anybody else draw their own hands.  My daughter does this when she is at school and waiting for her classmates to finish with tests.  Since she can't take anything out to do, she draws on the scrap paper she usually has out and her hand is her favorite thing to draw.  

If you have any random drawings, please share.  I would love to see them.  I think I might try taking a picture of the drawings next time instead of scanning them.  It used GIMP this time to darken my drawings, but they still leave something to be desired in the transition.  The tower has a lot more detail on my drawing than shows up on the scan, as does the hand.  

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