Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Newly Added Item

I have been working on a large sign to be painted on an office/warehouse wall so have not done some of my smaller creative work.  However, it is nice to be doing something.  It is a a sign to go on a 27 1/2 foot wall and is a logo that has lettering looking like it is moving, sort of.  The design is almost enlarged enough to put on the wall.  Having to design 18" letters can be time consuming if you are doing it from scratch without the aid of a computer since my husband is home hogging the other computer with that capability - he is looking for a new job.  Anyway, I did get a small bowl posted to my Etsy site I thought I would share since I can't put the design on here yet.  I will post a picture when I get it painted if the company approves(should be no problem since it is for a friend).  Please check out my newest posting and let me know what you think.


Remember to do something creative today!

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