Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Featured Palm Beach Etsy Group 8/1

Happy Midweek to everyone!  Looks like I am still not very good about getting on to do my blogging.  Although, I am getting it done a couple of times a week, so that is an improvement.  This week's features for the Palm Beach County Etsy Team are Marion and Emily. 
Marion has some great jewelry.  I especially like the silver and garnet earrings that have such a light look about them, yet very unique.  Stop by and check out her shop.  Maybe something will have your name written all over it.

Emily has some great items that are all either made from recycled material or are all natural. Some  of her pillow remind me of the vintage crazy quilts that were all made out of scraps from other projects.  Very fun to try to guess what each piece had come from.   Her earth friendly stuffed owl made me laugh.  He would be great on a bed or sitting on the couch checking out everything in the house.

Come back tomorrow and see what new things I have been up to.

Make it a great day and do something creative!

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