Thursday, September 1, 2011

Palm Beach County Etsy Team Promotion

Once again, the palm beach county etsy team is promoting another  member.  This week includes Shelley Constantino and her beautifully simple creations. Please check out her shop and see what touches your fancy. 

I am still working on getting a design together for a mural at a new green market coming in Lake Worth.  I had talked to the contractor who had one idea and then we added the owner and he had no clue what he would like except probably not what the contractor has in mind.  I think he is getting down to opening and no cash flow.  My job is to come up with some ideas for him that he can have done simply and add more on later as he gets cash flow.  I have never experienced coming across someone that wants some painting done with absolutely NO idea what they want, just for it to look nice and didn't want to waste my time if he decided not to go ahead.  New skill set being learned on this project so even if he decides not to have the painting done, it will not have been a complete waste. 

Remember to do something creative and make it a great day.